Fitbit Introduces New Versa Smartwatch and Fitness Bracelet Ace

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The newly released Versa is not Fitbit’s first smartwatch. With the Ionic, the manufacturer of fitness gadgets has been offering such a watch since autumn 2017. Now Fitbit presses the functions of the Ionic in a new housing and sells the device from 200 euros. Biggest design difference to the Apple Watch: The Digital Crown is missing.

In addition to three color options in black, gray and rose gold with silicone bracelets, you can also order two Special Edition models for just under 30 euros These have a woven bracelet. The delivery time is currently indicated with 3-4 weeks.

The operating system Fitbit OS is used, an evolution of the 2016 acquired Pebble OS. In addition to a focus on many fitness functions, the Smartwatch offers up to 4 days of battery life, is waterproof up to 50 meters and has on the bottom, of course, a heart rate sensor. Cashless pay is also available through Fitbit Pay, but only for customers in the United States. And unfortunately only available to Android users are calls via smartwatch and the sending and editing of text messages.

Ace: The Fitness Bracelet for Children

In addition to the new Smartwatch Fitbit presented the public today, the first smart fitness tracker for children from the age of eight years. The bracelet registers the steps, the sporting activities and the sleep phases of the child. Parents can retrieve the data through a special Family Account. Fitbit promises a high level of data protection. Fitibit Ace costs 99 euros and should be shipped at the end of May.

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