Fitbit Versa – the best smartwatch for users who live a healthy but conditional life [REVIEW]


The intelligent clock market did not explode, as analysts expected a few years ago. Because these products are largely dependent on their mobile devices, they do not offer enough battery power or enough innovative features. Some companies have realized that smartwatches that have the basic feature of displaying notifications taken from the smartphone will not be successful, so they have changed their strategy and built smart clocks that include health and fitness features. Apple did so with Apple Watch, and the company's sales grew. Fitbit already had an excellent health and fitness platform, as well as performance bracelets to track the business. The next natural step was the launch of a smartwatch. The first attempt, Fitbit Ionic, was not the company's success, but the new Versa, recently launched on the local market, is a solid product with very good battery power. Unfortunately, Fitbit products still have synchronization problems with many popular smartphone brands.


Fitbit Versa has a rectangular shape that takes us to Apple Watch. The device housing is made of anodized aluminum (used in the aerospace industry) and the display is covered with Gorilla Glass 3. The standard strap supplied in the box is made of silicone, and Fitbit has found an ingenious solution to make the right watch out of the box , for any type of client: woman, male or child. One of the two straps (the one without the buckle) can be replaced with one as wide but longer for wrist users with a thicker hand.

Changing the strap is a simple procedure. It catches the clock with a special telescope, which includes a small lever to make it easier to remove.

Versa has three physical buttons, one on one side and two on the other. At a short press, the left-hand button executes the command back. With a long press, a shortcut menu opens: for music, notifications (On / Off), and how the screen (manual or auto) lights up. The top-right button is multifunctional. At a quick start, the application is placed in the upper left corner of the first screen (I put the Exercise app there). At a long press, open the clock notifications section. The bottom-right button starts the application placed in the bottom-left corner of the first screen (I put Weather there).

The 1.34-inch LCD display with 1: 1 image format is color and touch. It's a little strange how the company positioned the square display. It is not centered in the middle of the frame, but it is the upper edge. Fitbit probably did this to make room for the company logo at the bottom of the front.

Overall, Versa is a well built watch, based on quality materials and looks great.

It should also be noted that the clock resists extreme temperatures (minus 20 degrees - plus 60 degrees Celsius) and can be submerged in water to a depth of 50 meters.

Main Technical Characteristics:

Operating System: Fitbit OS 2.0

Compatibility: Windows, Android, iOS

Screen: color, LCD panel, diagonal 1.34 inches, 1: 1 format, 300 x 300 pixels resolution

Housing: Eloxated aluminum

Battery: over four days; load from 0 to 100% in two hours

Bluetooth: v4.0

Resistance: to water up to a depth of 50 m; at temperatures of: minus 20 degrees - plus 60 degrees Celsius

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