Following Brexit, the European Commission will cancel the .eu domains registered in the UK


The process of separating Britain from the European Union goes forward, with the Internet being the next battlefield between the two sides. The European Commission has announced that it will cancel all expired domains with the .ex extension, without the possibility of extending their validity to British citizens once Brexit enters into force

According to the announcement from the European Commission, approximately 300,000 .eu domains registered in the UK will be canceled once their validity expires. Britain's citizens have time to complete the country's separation from the European Union to prolong the validity of their domains, but once they are no longer citizens of the Union, they will no longer be able to prolong, so this is only a temporary solution

The rules for registering these areas specify that they are dedicated exclusively to EU citizens. Over a year, when the procedures are over, and the UK will be officially separate, its citizens will no longer be in the core.

The EURid entity, which deals with the sale and management of .eu domains, was not informed of this decision, but the European Commission is the one that sets the rules. Given that the 300,000 domains registered in the UK represent about 10% of the total .eu accounts currently, this decision will certainly have a financial impact on EURid

Other similar situations in the past have allowed those with domains with extensions like the .su (Soviet Union) to keep their domains indefinitely.

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