For the 2018 MacBook Pro: Intel Announces i9 Processor

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Intel introduced yesterday a new high-end CPU, which could be used in upcoming laptops. The MacBook Pro is a particularly hot candidate for this. The i9-8950HK is based on the desktop processor and has been optimized for mobile use. With its 6 cores and 12 threads, it could take the MacBook Pro to a new level. So far, the 15-inch model could be equipped with a maximum of an i7 quad-core processor, while built in the 13-inch version, only dual-core processors.

According to Intel, the i9 processor with the turbo boost up to 5.6 GHz afford. The current i7 processor in a fully-featured MacBook Pro, however, only provides 4.1 GHz in this mode. In addition, the chip manufacturer also announces that with the new chip the focus is on games and the creation of content. The goal is to achieve up to 41 percent higher frame rates in games, while editing 4K videos should be up to 59 percent faster than in the previous generation.

With the i9, not only would a 6-core processor make its way into the MacBook Pro for the first time, but it could also fulfill a wish of many users. The new chip supports up to 32 GB of RAM. Whether Apple will actually resort to the new i9, however, is uncertain at this time.

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