Ford opens a car vendomat in China


We used to buy coffee, chips or sandwiches from vendomats, but in China the first such car-selling machine appeared. The new Super Test Drive Drive is the result of a partnership between Ford and Alibaba, offering customers the ability to test cars or even buy them without interacting with an authorized dealer. Everything is processed through an application and the machines are stored in vendomat using an older technology: automatic parking

The Super Test Drive Drive is a simple automated parking controlled by an owner-connected internet system. All machines stored in "vendomat" are displayed in the mobile app, and users can choose the model they want to test or buy. The desired machine is then selected and brought to the ground floor of the test center, and the user can then leave the car.

All online infrastructure is based on Alibaba technology, which can be used by Ford to select customers to promote this initiative, depending on the activity on Alibaba services to offer various discounts preferential. There is currently only one such Ford Automobile Center in China in Guangzhou and is the result of a partnership completed more than two years ago

Probably most Super Test-Drive Center users will not buy cars through it, but Ford and Alibaba can use the system for advertising, which could lead to classic sales at an authorized dealer.

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