Fox CEO: Apple’s TV plans become "very challenging"

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Ap ple has already commissioned several shows and series. While it is still unclear whether Apple will incorporate this into Apple Music or start its own video streaming service, the competition looks on with alert eyes. Fox CEO James Murdoch, for example, gave a speech on a variety of topics at Code Conference recently, including Apple’s recent efforts. It is clear to him (via CNET) that Apple will have a long way to go to get a foothold in the business. In his estimation it will be “very exhausting”. However, Fox made a very good deal with Disney last year and is earning around $ 66 billion for 21st Century Fox. However, the contract is not quite dry, because Comcast also shows great interest in the Fox division.

According to recent rumors Apple is now working on more than 12 TV shows. The first episodes could be aired already in the coming spring, whereby also summer 2019 comes as a possible start date in question. According to various sources, Apple is said to have invested around $ 1 billion in content.

Full interview with Fox CEO James Murdoch of the Code Conference can be found below this article or on YouTube (link)

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