Fraud on FaceTime and iPhone Trials

The tutor Tan Jia Yan pleads guilty to multiple fraud in a Singapore court. However, the cases in question are already two years old.

Advise students with a smartphone

In 2016, tutor Tan Jia Yan thought up together with the headmaster of the "Zeus Education Center" Poh Yuan Nie, as well as her colleagues Fiona Poh Min and Feng Riwen, as they were able to bring students through exams for a fee.

Tan also enrolled for the exams. She had taped an iPhone with FaceTime behind a blouse with double-sided tape and hid the device under a jacket. She then made live recordings of the exam questions and sent them to the three "accomplices". They in turn contacted the students from whom they were paid. These themselves carried an iPhone on their bodies and specially prepared Bluetooth earplugs in skin color, which they hoped not to attract attention.

Examination Supervisor Hear Noises

In fact, one of the students flew open. During the tour, a supervisor heard noises and confronted the person. So all the dizziness flew up in the first place. According to media reports, each student paid the equivalent of about 5,500 euros (9,000 Singapore dollars) to be passed through the exams in English, mathematics, chemistry and physics. The headmaster received $ 8,000. 1,000 S $ the tutor for each student she passed through the exam that way. If the exam failed, the "kick-off fee" was repaid.

While Tan pleaded guilty, the three co-defendants continue to challenge the allegations against them. ChannelNewsAsia reports.

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