Free Download Avast Antivirus 2018

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Free Download Avast Antivirus 2018 Avast Free Antivirus is a free antivirus among the most used in the security software market. It offers all the basic functions as well as a resident protection & a secure browser for the purchases and management of its bank accounts. It supports a very large number of consumer applications. Avast is based on an antivirus and antispyware engine. It offers real-time anti-rootkit protection.
Avast works on the one hand as the main protection of a file server, but also, thanks to its optional extensions, as protection for many server subsystems, such as e-mail or your firewall / proxy server. The system is based on the SMTP protocol (the same one used for regular e-mail messages). The update itself is controlled by Avast Services (MS Outlook and Email). The entire system is protected by asymmetric encryption that prevents fraudulent use of the protocol.

The Quarantine Zone is a folder on your hard drive that has special properties. It becomes a safe and isolated place for storing specific files. You can still work with files that are in the quarantine area, but with some security restrictions. The system scan is done at the start of the operating system, even before the virus can be loaded, preventing viruses from spreading or trying to make themselves invisible. The incremental update system reduces the file size during regular updates. The format of the virus definition file speeds up the implementation of the updates and reduces the memory and processor usage which allows you to benefit from

A complete one-click monitoring has now arrived with the 2018 version, it allows you to review all the security settings of your computer in one operation. Launch the operation and wait a few minutes to have a complete assessment

Avast Passwords , the new version of Avast 2018 offers are password management services. So you no longer have to memorize your passwords with your browser.

The security of your network , Avast 2018 ensures that the Wifi or Filial connection of your place is not put in danger. Your printers, your router, your primary or secondary hard drives (SSD), your smartphones, tablets and computers to be totally protected.
This is done most simply that it exists with one click.

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