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HDCleaner Portable is a modern hard disk maintenance software based on unique technology. This release does not have to be installed. With the program, the registration database, browsers can be cleaned. It also includes launchpad manager, program remover, Registry backup function, File Shredder, Windows accelerator.The following application is less common in our country, but it is worth paying due attention to it as it has many custom Windows maintenance options.
Portable can be downloaded as a portable software.Free HDCleaner Portable Download

After downloading HDCleaner Portable, you can find the files needed to run it in a ZIP file, which will only be unmounted. Functionally similar to the same as the conventional version

HDCleaner Portable Benefits:

HDCleaner Portable has many benefits. Because the software does not have to be installed, any system modification can be free of work without having to load Windows.

Software, ie, HDCleaner Portable is a universal maintenance, Windows configuration tool that makes your operating system more reliable. The program takes into account your browsers, the registration database, and the file history stored by the operating system. It provides some convenience, some of its functions can be timed, so after a one-time configuration, the program can automatically trigger searches for unnecessary file residues.

Destruction of HDCleaner Portable Files:

The application, that is, HDCleaner Portable provides a number of separate gadgets, including discoverable features such as the ability to configure Windows a file destruction feature, with this option you can permanently delete your private content. In your settings, you can choose which method to use for this (DOD, Gutmann, Schneier).

You can back up it either as a system reset, if you create target-specific Backups, HDCleaner Portable can build your registry values. There are a number of special features behind the imposing interface.

PrivaZer can be used for private cleaning tasks, fortunately also in the form of more useful services. Wise Registry Cleaner Portable was designed to clean up the registry. X-DiskCleaner System Optimizer also includes a duplicate finder.

The HDCleaner Portable maintainer includes a Backup Editor, Registry, Hard Disk, Browser, Windows Workflow Cleaner. If you want to delete files, encrypt or configure the operating system, you should try it in this case as well, because it is free of charge in English.

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HDCleaner Portable Summary

  • Maintenance
  • No installation
  • Hard disk, Registry cleaner
  • Backup
  • File Shredder Function
  • Windows Configuration
  • Program Remover
  • Startup Manager
  • English

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