From AirPods and the Three Stages of Apple Criticism

They all certainly know professional critics. They are paid to have an opinion and criticize theatrical performances as well as electronic products. Above all, they differ from "ordinary" product testers in that they sometimes shine through their expertise, sometimes through their experience and also have a certain degree of general education in order to discuss the "criticized objects" in a political-social context. For Jonathan Kim of ReThink Reviews, Vlad Savov is such a critically acclaimed .

2016: AirPods are only a means to an end

In September 2016, Savov publishes an assessment of Apple's AirPod , There are EarPods without cables with low battery life. The headphones would serve Apple only to make Bluetooth headphones acceptable again. For the critic, the AirPods at the time are a product to hunt him down with.

2017: Apple succeeds

Already the year after, you notice a slight change of heart. Savov notes that the AirPods are enjoying considerable success, selling well and being in high demand from customers. This recognition of success is remarkable when one imagines that the critic does not actually like the product.

2018: The Audiophile Test

This year, it's time. Last month, Savov published a comprehensive review of Apple's AirPod after extensively testing it for two weeks. He shows himself purified: He finally understands why everyone loves them who owns them. The AirPods offer the best balance of price, performance, and performance.

The Three Stages of Apple Critique

Now, Jonathan Kim recognizes three of Apple's criticisms of these three distinct expressions of Savov , He generalizes his observations, which he meets again and again. 1) He meets very often professional testers who put Apple products on the basis of assumptions in a drawer. 2) They then begin to question their own opinion when they find that the products, contrary to expectations, arrive in the market well or very well. 3) Finally, they can also convince themselves by their own long-term use of the benefits of the devices.

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