From now on: Bob Ross will lull you to sleep

Do you know Bob Ross? Maybe you have ever met the painter on public television. On the third programs he runs schonmal at the wrong time, in the middle of the night. Although Robert Norman “Bob” Ross aka Bob Ross died in 1995, his TV show still has a small but fine fan base today.

Calm now with the voice of the TV painter

Sie Of course, some episodes of the series can also be watched on YouTube. But now, for the first time, the editor of Meditationsapp Calm has been using only audio material to reassure you.

In fact, the (TV) painter’s voice is very distinctive and extraordinary. It is known that even the television audience did not always watch the program to learn something. From fan mail, the producers of “The Joy of Painting” knew that viewers were watching the show again and again just to relax, and even fell asleep. It turned out that the painter himself was even overjoyed.

Bob Ross helps to fall asleep

Exactly this effect, the creators of the Calm app now want to use. The provider may initially use only a few content from Bob Ross’ “The Joy of Painting”. However, if it becomes apparent that a particularly large number of users are interested, the copyright holder would be prepared to provide further content.

You can download the app for free from the App Store. However, she has in-app purchases for various audio materials, all of which serve to relax. Maybe you can sleep better with Bobb Ross’ help soon …

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