Future iPhone models could "fingerprint" the facial vascular system, increasing the accuracy of facial recognition


Described in a patent registered as early as 2015, a new biometric authentication system uses "pulsating radiation" to penetrate below the skin, observing details normally hidden from view

Far from being harmful, the system uses powerful infrared light pulses to expose the blood veins immediately below the skin. Distributed differently from one person to another, the vascular system can serve as a biometric signature very hard to forge

Used in tandem with existing Face ID technology, the new biometric authentication system can substantially improve the security of facial recognition. For example, the "fingerprint" of the human face in the infrared spectrum is substantially different even in the case of identical twins. In addition, the combined use of two biometric scanning technologies would almost make the facial features falsely impossible

It is worth mentioning that the infrared scanning technology of the blood veins already exists and is used successfully by most smartwatch devices to measure the pulse. But from here to remote scanning of the entire face is a long way.

At present, there are no concrete indications that Apple would prepare a facial recognition sensor capable of taking the impression of the vascular system, but if it does, the patent granted ensures the American company's exclusivity for using this technology

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