Galaxy A9 Star with dual-camera system and Infinity Display could be launched soon in China

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Samsung's Galaxy A series of smartphones will be expanded soon with the new Galaxy A9 Star. The information about this model and the first pictures come from China, where we are most likely to see this smartphone in stores for the first time. As far as we can see, Samsung is trying to change the design of the Galaxy A series again, borrowing some design elements from the competition

The Galaxy A8 was a very similar design to the Galaxy S8, while the Galaxy A6 is closer to the Galaxy J in terms of design and construction. The Galaxy A9 Star will thus be another visually different model, inspired by the competing models on the market with dual cameras placed vertically in the upper left corner. This design was popularized last year by the iPhone X and was then adopted by several manufacturers, including Huawei with the P20 series

The Galaxy A9 Star will be available as standard and in a "Lite" version, will benefit from Infinity without cutouts at the top and will benefit from fingerprint sensors positioned at the center rear, somewhere in the up, a more comfortable position than anything on the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

The images depict the Galaxy A9 Star in white and black, without revealing the hardware configuration of the phone. Most likely, the internal hardware will be similar to the one on the Galaxy A8, the major difference being the integration of a dual-camera system on the back. In the case of camouflaged cameras, there is a possibility that the Galaxy A9 Star also offers optical stabilization, something the Galaxy A8 did not have.

We do not have any other information about these phones, such as the price or release date, but since almost end-models are already in the hands of Weibo users, it probably will not take long until the Galaxy A9 Star and A9 Star Lite are announced officially.

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