Galaxy Note 9 changed camera orientation to make room for an extended capacity battery


Galaxy Note 9 comes with a small design change, compared to the Galaxy S9 series, but allows for a noticeable increase in autonomy in use

If the Note7 series, Samsung opted for a more energy-saving storage battery, the Note 9 recipe provides for a simpler battery to bring similar benefits using less efficient storage technologies, but more good in terms of operational safety.

According to information from Samsung partners, optimization of camera space and biometric sensor allows the installation of a 3850-4000 mAh battery without changing the outer dimensions of the case

Illustrated design with unofficial renditions seems to be confirmed with concrete indices, taking the form of a protective cover that should be molded on the contour of the Galaxy Note 9 case. Unexpectedly, the accessory provides space for a new button that would be at the bottom, on the side of Galaxy Note 9. It remains to be seen what might be his role.

Unfortunately, for more information and official confirmation of the presented ones, we will have to wait for the official Galaxy Note 9 expected from August 2 to 9.

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