Galaxy Note 9 from Samsung is scheduled to launch in August

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The press invitation sent by Samsung is likely to affect the Galaxy Note 9, as the invitation shows a pen on the device.

Samsung verans It usually hosts two major smartphone events a year, with the Galaxy -Note series and the Galaxy S9 series coming out at different times. For example, the Galaxy S9 hit the market in February, while the Galaxy Note 8 appeared last August.

This split allows Samsung to better compete with Apple by adding new devices before and after the launch of the new iPhone to be presented in September.

The launch of the Galaxy Note 9 is expected just a month before the release of Apple’s lineup, which is supposed to be a 5.8-inch second-generation OLED iPhone, a larger 6.5-inch OLED iPhone and a

Samsung will then be showcasing its new Galaxy S10 devices in February, unless the previous rule is changed. Both smartphones will feature a rimless AMOLED display and a fingerprint sensor.

Rumors say the Galaxy Note 9 will not have a notch, which could be an advantage over Apple’s design.

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