Galaxy Note9 appears in the first 3D renders. It looks a lot like Note8


If Samsung is on the release schedule of previous years, the introduction of the new Galaxy Note9 should take place sometime in August. This means that the phone design should already be completed, and it will soon be in production. OnLeaks, a source that almost always offers 3D rendering of phones with a high degree of accuracy even before the phone is presented or appearing in unofficial photos. It was Galaxy Note9's turn to receive this treatment, seeing the phone from all angles

If it turns out that OnLeaks has again real information, Galaxy Note9 will be a very boring design design. In fact, it looks almost identical to the exterior model last year, the only notable difference being available on the back of the phone. Here, the fingerprint sensor moved from the right side of the camera below it, now being horizontally oriented, like the Galaxy S9

However, the cameras were not reoriented to look more like the S9 range. They are also arranged horizontally and are probably not much different than those we already know, with a diaphragm variable on the main one and the zoom on the secondary one. Those who are still using headphones will be happy to find that they are still compatible with Note9, the last few phones from Samsung being packed with a pair of AKG premium headphones.

But is Note9 enough to make an impact in 2019? Probably yes. The fans of the Notebook series do not seem to be so preoccupied with the design, as the models of previous years were significantly less appealing than the Galaxy S range. As long as it offers the most powerful hardware available on the market, a very large screen and stylus , The "consumer" of Galaxy Notes could be fully satisfied. However, given the fact that the differences between S8 and S9 were not very high, probably not even between Notes8 and Note9 will be. So, there will probably be fewer users who will upgrade to the new model than last year.

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