Galaxy S10 could be the first frameless, bang-free and chin-free phone


The Galaxy Note9 has not yet arrived and there are already some rumors about the Galaxy S10, the phone that should also bring a major design change to Samsung's premium smartphone range. I've heard little information here and there, but a picture with a screen device all over the surface suggests it could be the design of the next Korean flagship chair, if the model itself is just a model.

The image was published on the Twitter Ice Universe account, which in the past provided information that has been confirmed about various other unannounced or unanswered smartphones. At least at first sight, the source seems trusted, even if these images can not be verified with official information.

So we see a smartphone whose top is covered up and down with curved glass, like the Samsung models in recent years, but with a screen across the surface, no edges, no cuts and even no "chin" that I saw the new Vivo NEX and OPPO Find X, the closest "full screen" concepts.

Button positioning is similar to that on Samsung smartphones, but it does not seem to be a 100% real phone. The image behind the glass could be a simple photo to simulate a real display, and the fact that we do not see the front camera holes and the call loudspeaker suggest that they are either hidden or not yet implemented on the test model (if in -functional function). Samsung may want to use a mechanical system similar to the one on Find X, but it will probably not want to give up the water resistance feature of the premium Galaxy phones

A final clue about the possibility that this post is linked in some way to the Samsung Galaxy S10 is just the text that comes alongside the photo "a design beyond", the code name of the phone being "Beyond" in previous leaks.

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