Galaxy S10 could use a new fingerprint scanning technology, triple-camera system at the back

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Almost ready to launch, Galaxy Note 9 will remain the most advanced Samsung phone for quite some time, but that does not mean that the South Korean manufacturer is not already working on the successor of the Galaxy S10

According to information from sources close to the company, Samsung is developing in parallel not less than 3 Galaxy S10 models. With code names Beyond 0, Beyond 1 and Beyond 2, they seem to be an entry-level Galaxy S10, alongside standard Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus editions. It's not clear if they will see all daylight, or the company will choose the device with the most chances of success.

It is certain that the new formula with three devices would leave more flexibility to cover the inferior price niche, very profitable, without giving up the advanced technologies that are kept to the top of the range

From the incomplete information, we find out that the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus will receive a new type of fingerprint-on-display sensor (FOD). Provided by Qualcomm, it provides fingerprint detection and scanning from a fairly wide perimeter at the bottom of the screen. Very important for a range peak, the new sensor does not compromise on the image quality side – the reason why Samsung avoided the integration of the biometric scanning feature in the past

Beyond 0, the least expensive Galaxy S10, would receive a conventional biometric sensor placed on the side of the carcase.

The S10 Plus's "strength" piece would be a new triple-camera system, consisting of a 12MP mainstream sensor, assisted with super wide-screen 16MP sensor and f1.9 lens, and zoom mode with lenses f2.4 and 12MP resolution. Thus, Galaxy S10 users will be able to choose between standard and wide-frame pictures that increase both the detail and frame coverage, respectively the zoom mode that brings the picture without any noticeable loss of detail and quality

However, the Galaxy 10 will not be the only high-end smartphone that receives the triple-camera system, LG having similar plans for the V40 range. Also not to be forgotten Huawei P20 Pro, released in the first part of this year. It is certain that it will take some time for the current Galaxy S9 series to have replacements, Samsung plans for the Galaxy S10 to be launched early next year

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