Galaxy S9, also available in Microsoft version

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Samsung has decided to continue working with Microsoft this year, with the new Galaxy S9 flagship being available for purchase in the Microsoft Store. Like the predecessor of the Galaxy S8, the new smartphone is shipped with a customized Android version that includes suggestions for Microsoft applications to install

Following the failure of its own Windows Phone platform, Microsoft has moved on to a less ambitious, but better-performing strategy, promoting its services using renowned platforms, Android and iOS as vectors. Occasionally, Microsoft's eco-system of applications can play a leading role, with collaborations with other smartphone manufacturers offering the company the opportunity to consolidate its own brand image

From a hardware standpoint, the Galaxy S9 phones sold through Microsoft Store are the same as those sold directly by Samsung, and the asking price is the same. Instead, the software package has notable differences, both at the interface side, inspired or replaced by Microsoft Launcher, and the application package. It includes the most popular Microsoft selections: OneDrive, Excel, Skype, Word, OneNote, Cortana, Outlook

In order not to discourage potential buyers, or to leak too much to Samsung's interests, Microsoft does not offer these applications already installed, leaving users free to choose

The Galaxy S9 commands from the Microsoft Store will ship as of March 16, just like with the standard Galaxy S9

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