Galaxy S9 could have a price inspired by the iPhone X


The fact that Apple launched a high-priced iPhone model and partially failed in this approach may not discourage Samsung rival from trying a similar "experiment". According to the revelations made by EVLeaks, a reputable source of information about Samsung's unreleased products, the Galaxy S9 will set an undesirable record in terms of price.

Galaxy S9, who has long talked about the rumors, has given up all his secrets, with the exception of the most important detail. The purchase price could make a difference between a truly competitive product and one tagged alternative to the iPhone X. At the moment, the balance seems to be tilting towards the second, with the Galaxy S9 being positioned around the 841 euro for the standard model and 997 euros for S9 Plus. Of course, unofficially.

If the information is confirmed, the Galaxy S9 may be at the same price, or slightly more expensive than the iPhone X, putting buyers in front of an equally costly election

iPhone X has sparked controversy with its $ 1,000 (US) price, which places it beyond the potential buyers. The result we all know. Apple cut production volume by half, after sales proved to be far below expectations

It is certain that Samsung has built a loyal buyer base over time who might be willing to pay more to benefit from the most advanced Galaxy smartphone of the moment. It remains to be seen how many of them will confirm their loyalty, accepting the new prices imposed by Samsung.

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