Galaxy S9 is the best display smartphone on the market, according to DisplayMate specialists

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It has happened so many times that it already seems like a tradition: Samsung launches a new smartphone peak, and this is the soon-to-be product with the best screen in the market. Far from suspecting an "arrangement" between Samsung and Display Mate specialists, the news only reconfirms that Samsung produces the best OLED screens in the market so good that Apple's rival even orders them to equip the most advanced products of the offer.

This time, the rating is "Excellent A +" that we can assume is superior to the simple "A +" Galaxy Note8

Even though the screen diagonals used with the Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus series are virtually identical to previous models, DisplayMate experts have not encountered any problems in identifying new enhancements. While the hardware used is largely unchanged, the image quality and accuracy of color rendering have been greatly improved, thanks to more careful factory calibration and software upgrades. In the display of DisplayMate specialists, the accuracy of the colors displayed on the Galaxy S9 phones is at a "virtually indistinguishable level of perfection", justifying the highest A + rating ever granted

The A + rating is also worth the impressive luminosity that can be achieved in "auto" mode – 1130 nits, 20% more than the Galaxy S8 series. However, it is worth mentioning that the maximum brightness is slightly smaller than the Note8 model, but with an insignificant difference of only 70 nits. Returning to the self-adjusting brightness function, it is controlled by two ambient light sensors, placed above the screen and on the back of the phone, avoiding situations where the brightness of the screen drops unnecessarily just because the screen of the phone is oriented in the opposite direction light source

According to DisplayMate, the Galaxy S9 screen covers 141% of the DCI-P3 color spectrum and 113% of the sRGB, these being the highest values ​​ever measured on a smartphone or tablet screen. The reflexivity index of the screen surface is 4.4%, also the best measured by DisplayMate specialists so far

Compared to the S8, the Galaxy S9 manages to impress again, setting a benchmark for the other players in the industry. And considering that even Apple uses screens delivered by Samsung for the iPhone X, it's hard to believe that we will see better results soon

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