Galaxy S9 + phones, reported for touch interface problems


One of the problems discovered in the first generation of mobile phones with curved screen was the existence of dead zones, where the touch interface does not work as it should. According to the experiences reported by some users, this defect reappeared on the Galaxy S9 + phones

Taking into account the effort made by Samsung engineers to design the new Galaxy S9 and S9 + models, we believe that such issues that are easy to discover during quality tests can no longer occur. However, it seems that some Galaxy S9 + models have so-called dead zones on the screen surface where touch controls are not taken over by the touch interface. Problem areas appear either at the top or bottom of the screen to the Android navigation area

Apparently, Galaxy S9 copies are also affected, but the number of reported incidents is lower.

Quite often found in budget-based smartphones, issues related to the improper operation of the touch interface have only rarely been reported to Samsung devices thanks to strict quality controls

With some luck, the inconvenience could be resolved with a firmware update if the problem turns out to be a software. For the time being, Samsung has not made an official stance on what has been said, which reinforces the suspicion that defects are hardware, requiring replacement of affected devices

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