The Galaxy S9 has to be replenished with more sophisticated technologies, one of which is IntelligentScan, an alternative to Apple's Face ID technology

According to the clues revealed in the latest version of the Samsung Settings app for Gaxlaxy S phones, a feature called the IntelligentScan

is also available among the options available for securing Galaxy S9 and S9 + phones.

The attached description mentions the combined use of iris scanning sensor and camera with infrared technology, resulting in better facial detection and consistent results even under adverse conditions such as too strong or insufficient ambient lighting

Exact details are not known, but the IntelligentScan function may decide to automatically select the most appropriate authentication method. For example, when looking at the near-hand phone, the iris scanning system is preferred, leaving facial recognition as an alternative to situations where the first authentication method fails.

Samsung will officially launch the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus series in the card for a press event scheduled for February 26, with availability in stores not later than mid-March 2018.

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