Galaxy S9: Samsung puts AI in its new CPU Exynos 9810



                                                     Galaxy S9: Samsung puts AI in its new CPU Exynos 9810


If the American Samsung Galaxy S9 will logically embark a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, the European version will benefit, like the previous models, from a home CPU. While the company's next flagship smartphone is expected to be presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in late February, Samsung unveils its new processor: the Exynos 9810.

Engraved in 10nm FinFET LPP, second generation of the process, it will have 8 cores (4 for high performance and 4 more for energy saving) that can reach a maximum rate of 2.9GHz. The company says the Exynos 9810 will deliver twice the performance of the previous generation in single core, and a 40% gain in multi-core.

IA inside

In its press release, Samsung focuses on the processor's new capabilities in artificial intelligence. Indeed, in the manner of the Huawei Kirin 970, the Exynos 9810 will use a network of artificial neurons to increase SoC performance in image recognition, photo (better stabilization, improved portrait mode ...) or security in particular. For example, it will introduce a new hybrid facial recognition system (hardware and software).) New features that will undoubtedly also benefit Bixby, the company's personal assistant. Note that the SoC will still support iris scanners and fingerprint scanners.

Finally, the Exynos 9810 will be the first SoC to incorporate a Cat LTE Modem. 18, to aggregate 6 frequency bands and thus offer a maximum bandwidth of 1.2 Gbps (200 Mbps upload). It will also facilitate the streaming of UHD or 360 ° content with eLAA technology and will include an enhanced photo chip supporting including playback of 4K 120 fps videos. More details at CES 2018, which opens next week.



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