Galaxy S9, weaker than the Galaxy S8 and S7 in terms of sales figures. Evidence that Samsung is losing ground to competition

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As much as Samsung officials try to sweeten the reports provided to investors, sales figures do not lie. According to data collected around the world, Samsung's sales with the Galaxy S9 do not rise to the level reached with the Galaxy S8 series

The news is all the more alarming, since the Galaxy S8 was a disappointment with the Galaxy S7 in terms of sales. Looking back over time, sales made with the current Galaxy S are completely eclipsed by the absolute Samsung Galaxy S4, sold in over 80 million copies

Although some of the blame can be attributed to the general trend towards stagnating and shrinking sales, observed for some time in the entire smartphone market, that other smartphone manufacturers have achieved significant sales growth, while Samsung and other leading brands stagnant, can not be denied.

With Apple's revival after the launch of the iPhone X and two Asian manufacturers – Huawei and Xiaomi – in full swing, Samsung sees its leadership in the smartphone market

Even if indirect data does not give a full picture of the sales made with each model, the decline is also reflected in stock quotes of Samsung shares, with the trading price dropping 9% this year


Contrasting the message sent through costly promotional campaigns, most of the publications describe the Galaxy S9 as a smartphone almost identical to its predecessor Galaxy S8, with too few novelty elements to be considered a must-have in the eyes of undecided buyers

Unfortunately, rumors about Galaxy Note 9 are no more encouraging, descriptions and unofficial slideshows outlining the image of a "clone" of Galaxy Note 8, with minimal changes to the aspect side.

Meanwhile, Asian manufacturers such as Vivo, Oppo and Huawei have re-positioned themselves in the avant-garde of technology by launching smartphone products with design and endowments not yet seen: fingerprint sensor, screen glass, three-lens camera, 3D facial and more completely new design variants. Take the example of the OPPO Find X, with cameras hidden in the body and a screen that dominates the front of the phone

Samsung's reluctance to make risky choices for design and innovation seems to be turning against the company, ending up with more ambitious producers willing to take advantage of the opportunities open by the giants left behind by their own success

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