Galaxy S9 will come alongside DeX Pad, a horizontal desktop dock that turns the phone into a touchpad


The Galaxy S8 was launched alongside an accessory called DeX Station, which turns the phone into a desktop workstation, featuring USB ports and an HDMI connection for peripherals. It seems that this concept will continue, and the Galaxy S9 will be launched next to a new DeX version called "DeX Pad", which holds the phone in a horizontal position, as opposed to the original model that held it vertically. In terms of functionality, there seem to be not many differences.

DeX Pad seems to be a new plastic dock that connects to the phone's USB Type-C port. It includes a thin rubberized surface that keeps the phone slightly raised, and a vent slot pushes cold air toward the back of the device to cool it in use. At the top are the two USB 2.0 ports, the HDMI port and a Type-C USB port for power. So far, everything seems to be very similar to last year's DeX Station, all of which are found on that

The only notable difference is the functionality provided by the horizontal position of the phone. It can serve the role of a touchpad, similar to one on laptops. So, to use Galaxy S9 (or S8, as the form and port of connectivity of the two phones are very similar) in desktop, only a keyboard and a monitor, not a mouse, is required

Of course, DeX Pad will occupy more space on the desk than the previous model, but the fact that it offers new capabilities should justify the increase in size. Images with the new accessory have been published on VentureBeat's Evan Blass's Twitter account, which also highlights an important feature of the phone: the headphone jack, which has been absent on most of the high-end smartphone models in the past two years

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