Galaxy S9 + with Best Camera in DxOMark

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A new smartphone usually also gets a new camera, but in recent years smart phone vendors have been more interested in miniaturizing and optimizing Digita Cameras contributed as long-established manufacturers. So it’s no surprise that almost every time you release a new smartphone, the best cameras are scrambled.

Galaxy S9 + Best Camera

When the iPhone X came out, it landed in front. It was then displaced by Google’s Pixel 2 and now the Galaxy S9 + pushes it off the throne. And conceivable short. For the Samsung flagship receives 99 points, whereas the Pixel 2 only scored 98 points.

If you scratch the points, then the camera is even better. She received 104 points (the Pixel 2 only 99). However, the video function of the S9 + received only 91 points (the pixel 2 but 96). With the new smartphone so Samsung could improve the effectiveness of his camera in a short time. Most recently, the Galaxy Note 8 received a total of five points less.

Noise Under Control

DxO points out that the S9 +’s camera shows no real weaknesses. The noise reduction of the camera works particularly well, even in poor lighting. In addition, the camera allows a fourfold zoom and offers bright and vivid colors along with a fast and accurate autofocus.

The Android smartphone by Samsung was not as good in first benchmarks.

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