Galaxy X, the first Samsung smartphone with a foldable screen, could go into production by the end of this year


According to latest rumors, Samsung may begin production of its first smartphone with a foldable screen around November, with the official launch being scheduled for early next year.

In addition to information disclosed by representatives of the company, we also find that Samsung had no less than two functional Galaxy X prototypes, which it demonstrated in a limited framework to partners coming to CES 2018.

As for the reason why Galaxy X has not been shown to the general public, it concerns the still unfinished design and some mechanical problems that should first be solved, with the risk that the prototypes displayed will fail while being manipulated by the visitors.

Not very different from the old clamshell design, the one prepared for Galaxy S puts the screen on both sides of the phone. Of the two design variants studied, the first one puts the screen in the interior, the folded phone for transportation will have a small void left at the inner side, preventing damage to the screen by excessive bending. The second option puts the screen on the outer side, the case being more folded without risk of excessive screen deformation

Obviously, both are compromise solutions, where the phone is either more bulky in the area where it is folded, or the screen is exposed to scratches and accidental bumps. There is also the problem of wear resulting from repeated folding and straightening of the phone, fearing that the mechanical strength of the carcass could be affected over time. According to information revealed by the company's close friends, Samsung aims to develop a foldable screen with an endurance of 200,000 successive folds, enough for the entire life of the product.

From the little information we have circulated so far, we find out that the Galaxy X would host a 7.2-inch diagonal screen, considerably more spacious than the 6.3 "screen in the Galaxy Note 8. However, the highly elongated shape and foldable case for transport should help the ergonomic side

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