Games, Shitmoji Communication and WHO Concerns [OPINIE]

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I confess I would not have written this text if, this morning, a technology lecturer would not be trying to show on television shitmoji communication as a great gain that gives us cories like Google or Apple.

(Do not look for Google, it's just what it looks like, an icon with the appearance of a shit).

This miracle of modern communication was joined, somewhat later, by a news report on the World Health Organization's inclusion of addiction to video games in the category of mental illness. With long and preoccupied faces, TV presenters told me that one third of the world's population, ie 2.5 billion people, spends some of their time playing video games on the phone or on the computer, and that a small part of this number reaches dependence. Experts talk about well-defined behavioral patterns, increases in dopamine levels, a neurotransmitter responsible for feeling good, trapped, irritable, and aggressive.

The game industry, over 100 billion dollars, opposed this inclusion, as did some specialists.

From the top I say it seems stupid; the accompanying graph, provided by the Entertainment Software Association, shows the evolution of video game sales and juvenile delinquency, obviously in a completely antagonistic relationship: over the past 20 years, game sales have risen, juvenile violence has fallen

Like any product of the human mind, video games have their share of violence and sex and, if consumed with moderation and supervision, the effect can not be detrimental; no more than a few hours in front of the TV, reading a novel or visiting a museum

Tom and Jerry are violent characters, and Tizian's paintings can be more exciting than computer graphics. However, Tom and Jerry do not have warnings in the corner of the screen and no one has thought of applying black strips on certain parts of the paintings of the Italian master

On the other hand, the number of those trying to attract political capital due to video game illusions include Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, smaller but influential politicians, and Arnold Schwarzenegger - a pacifist being in his game actor or Madonna.

Top of the best-selling games of all time is led by Tetris, followed by Minecraft, Wii Sports, Grand Theft Auto and Super Mario Bros. Of these, Grand Theft Auto is the only violent thing in the true sense of the term, not to mention the fight of the naughty Mario plumber with the mushrooms or the flying fish

In addition to politicians or religious organizations, scientists have also been involved in the issue of game violence. A study by scientists at the University of California and the University of Pittsburgh brings the effects of games on the same footing as drug or alcohol consumption: physiological changes, a hostile attitude. The subjects were 100, youngsters aged 18-21 who played "Grand Theft Auto" and "Simpsons: Hit and Run."

But out of about 300 studies on the effects of violence in the media, only 30 were directly related to video games and only a few established direct links between violent manifestations and computer or console play. The US Department of Health identified 27 more important risk factors than media violence, including social and economic status, school failure, lack of communication with parents, and even masculinity itself

Let's admit that the crash of bombs on the phone screen can have an influence on the child's development and on mature people. But I think there are a number of factors that are much more dangerous than exposure to video games.

First, the refuge in the phone screen, in the social media, in fake pictures of instagram happiness, in emoji or shitmoji communication

Intellectual relaxation, superficiality, rewriting of social norms and communication

An insider named Nicholas Carr, who wrote a book on the new phenomenon of superficiality, says that over the past few years, he has experienced the feeling that someone is rewriting his memory. Before you could read long articles or books for several hours, please. Now the focus falls on just one page or two, loses the thread, and apologizes for doing something else, preferably on the internet: maybe a video, maybe a twitter, maybe an article on a blog. It is not the only one, but a phenomenon found in any technological change: Nietzsche speaks of the moment when it passed from handwriting to a writing machine. The result was that his texts also changed, going from arguments, thoughts and rhetoric to aphorisms, word games and telegraphic style.

Everyone, including the author of this article, will experience similar events and decide whether they are good or not; at least, I have come to fight consciously, imposing a daily ration of book pages.

Bad is when you do not understand aphorisms and word games, and even the telegraphic style turns out to be too busy; then in your superficiality there is no one else, and your beliefs become laws.
And you begin to communicate through shitmoji. And to be convinced that video games are the evil of the modern world.

Much more dangerous than games, it seems to me the exposure to aggressive marketing that causes young people to consume a saucer a year and sells fast food associated with fun and coolness

Much more dangerous is the exposure of all, young or old, to all the nonsense that circulate on the Internet, from conspiracy theories to antivaccin campaigns, or miraculous beliefs of weakness or healing of anything

I have seen, and I find it equally dangerous, the opinions of some parents who consider the "Red Riding Hood" or "The Three-Goat Goat" to be violent stories that should not be told to children. If you have an emojigandire, the idea may seem correct and you can get the junk from the reading list not only the stories but also the history of the Musketeers or the Game of Thrones. But for what kind of world does that child prepare, how will he handle it, how will he react to common situations in the real world

If you are nervous about reading this article, crush some bricks in Tetris and send a shitmoji to the WHO

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