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The Plantronics modular RIG 500E headphones tested two months ago impressed us especially for the versatility it offers by offering two sets of cups and two types of connectivity cables in the package. We called them 2-in-1 headphones, but for those who only need one pair of headphones with a closed enclosure, the company also produces the RIG 600, with a slightly more "serious" design, which can be used both home to PC or console, and on the street, without attracting much attention

Design, construction and accessories

Plantronics RIG 600 are headphones made of materials very pleasant to touch. A large part of their body is covered with an eco-friendly skin. The top bracket is adjustable on both sides and comes wrapped in this material, while the bottom that sits on the head is covered with a textile under which it is hidden and memory foam, very soft and comfortable. The cuffs are made of matte black plastic that looks very solid, while some elements are decorated with glossy plastic and gold plastic. Organic skin can also be observed when attaching cups and plastic support

These elements may seem kitch-bones at first glance, but they blend well into the design of Plantronics. Cup sponges are clothed in the same ventilated green skin, which prevents perspiration from long use sessions. Even if the cups hide in them 40mm diameter smaller speakers than other gaming headphones on the market, they cover the ears slightly, and the soft sponge will not cause discomfort even after several hours of session. The cups are not fixed, and can be adjusted vertically or horizontally. When the user puts headphones on their head, they always stand in a position that does not bother

Like other Plantronics headphones, the RIG 600 is also very light, making it almost impossible to use after a while. While preserving the tradition of the RIG series, which is based on modular elements, the RIG 600 has kept some of these "surprises." There are two types of connecting cables in the box, along with a jack adapter. The cable dedicated to those who want to use these gaming-only helmets is attached to the plug-in jack and a flexible boom microphone, as well as a wired remote control that provides volume control independent of that of the device, but also a shut-off button microphone. This cable has a length of 1.5 m, which can be problematic for those who have PC under the desk.

The second cable is dedicated to mobile devices, being slightly shorter at 1.3m. It does not have a microphone attached to the muff, but comes with a remote similar to the one on the headset. It integrates a multi-function call and multimedia control button (compatible with iOS and Android) as well as a button to turn off the integrated microphone. Both cables have a combo jack, but for connecting to a PC without a combo jack there is a splitter from one jack to the other. The fact that both cables end in the combo jack also ensures compatibility with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, the headphones can be connected directly to the controller. The consoles are compatible with both cables, but probably the shorter would be preferred in this situation.

When we draw a line, Plantronics RIG 600 seem to be very well built, despite the fact that I have not met metallic elements on the outside. The outer plastic feels very solid, while the synthetic leather elements are very pleasing to use.

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