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Headphones are some of the most important accessories for gamers, a pair of quality helmets can provide a more comfortable experience and lead to better performance in competitive games. The G433 is the model positioned in Logitech's portfolio of some of the best-selling wireless headphones (G933) and budget models (G233 Prodigy), as well as headphones for more use, from PC gaming to console gaming and even on mobile devices

Design, construction and accessories

For those who have used the Logitech headphones in the past, the G433 will surprise you first and foremost by design, as large bowls with colorful plastic or glossy plastic inserts have been dropped in favor of a more elegant form. The whole body of headphones has fallen in size, but the materials have not changed so much

We're dealing with some pretty plastic headphones, which is especially obvious when gripping between the headrest and cups, but Logitech is trying to distract us with a kind of textile cloth applied to the entire surface of the cups. The material is the same as the company uses to provide protection for indoor speakers, sponges that cover the ears, and cover the sponge side of the holder.

Indeed, the textile jacket offers a pleasant touch, especially for a pair of headphones, but this material is not exactly the happiest choice. First of all, dust will sink much faster and deeper into it, and cleaning it is very difficult, or even impossible sometimes without a little moisture, and moisture and electronics do not fit very well. At the same time, this material is a magnet for animal hair and hair

Under all obvious plastic at first glance, we can see that the adjustable bracket also has metal on the inside to provide increased resistance over time to ensure that adjusting the size of the arms will not damage the headphones too quickly. Overall, the G433 is a lightweight headset that sits comfortably on the head, does not squeeze the ears and is well ventilated to be worn for a long time. The model we tested was the black one, but we also used the red one for some more attractive photos, but the Blue and Blue camouflage colors are also listed on the Logitech website

In the G433, however, there are quite a few accessories useful for various situations. There are two jack-to-jack cables, one for the PC and one for the smartphone, a USB dongle, a detachable jack microphone, a pair of spare sponges covered with velvety material, a splitter from the jack to two jacks and a a pouch into which they can all come in.

The PC cable is wrapped in textile and the smartphone is rubbery, but both seem to be strong. The mobile cable also has a button to answer and pause the calls while the PC cable is longer and has a volume knob on the remote control and a slider to turn the microphone on and off. Both ends with a combo jack, so those who want to use the headphones on a PC through a "classic" sound card will have to use the splitter from the package. Of course, Logitech has thought of the G433 headphones for use with the USB dongle, which is basically a dedicated sound card where you can insert any other jack from any other pair of headphones or speakers. The microphone is flexible and quite soft, and there is a plastic accessory that can be attached to it so it can be better directed to the user's mouth

The hood is also made of the same fabric that covers the head cups, and is enough to accommodate all the accessories alongside the headphones. This will be particularly appreciated by those who participate in eSports or LAN party competitions, being easy to throw in the backpack with mouse, keyboard and / or laptop, without having all the cables to get involved other accessories for transport


Logitech is among the few companies that produce gaming accessories that offer a single solution for the configuration application. Whether you are using a keyboard, mouse or a pair of Logitech G series headphones, you only need one installed application that controls all settings: Logitech Gaming Software

Despite the fact that the LGS has not evolved much in recent years, it has managed to provide quick access to most configuration options. For headphones, as we do not have RGB lights, the only available settings are for the quality of the playback sound.

There are six default profiles that Logitech offers for various uses. FLAT is the standard setting with all the half frequencies that offers the most neutral sound possible, nothing is too loud or too slow, providing a basic experience for those who do not want to get too complicated with the settings. Then follow FPS, MOBA and Cinematic Gaming, each with a variety of settings to improve the game experience in various game genres (FPS lowers the bass and raises the media, MOBA raises highs and environments, while Cinematic gaming has more bass and fewer high).

There is also the "Drop the Bass" music profile as well as the high profile and high-profile communications profile, and a neutral sound for the rest. Of course, each user can set their own profile using the handheld equalizer, which can be controlled from the application including headphone and microphone volume, or the level at which the listener picks up the sounds. Any of the application profiles can be logged onto the G433 USB dongle, making it the same settings as home on any other computer, even without the software installed. Of course, like Logitech keyboards and mice, headphones can also have attached profiles of certain games that are automatically selected.

Finally, the last LGS settings tab for the G433 gives you access to the 7.1 surround sound. And here are several profiles, this time not very customizable. We have DTS 7.1, the profile that seems to be dedicated to Surround Sound (High Low Frequency), a First Person Shooter profile and a Logitech Signature profile, which is probably the way the company really wants to experience the G433 headphones. Also, each channel (the seven directional channels and the virtual subwoofer) have individual volumes that can be raised to 11 (funny value for those who know the This Is Spinal Tap movie)

Logitech does not innovate too much in software, but it does not even need it. The settings are easily accessible and logically arranged in the application. Unfortunately, the interface still stuck somewhere in the Web 2.0 era with colorful menus, rounded edges on the edges, and button-side effects

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