glasses that get rid of the evil of motion in the car

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The French manufacturer Citroen launched a pair of glasses to improve its travel experience especially for passengers. These are called " Seetroen " and are specially designed to prevent and "treat" the motion sickness associated with travel when doing something other than looking at the window. In a world where the smartphone or tablet is a good travel partner, it's probably that really necessary.

Seetroen glasses are not exactly a pair of regular glasses . They do not have lenses, for example, and in addition to the two holes, they also have two lateral holes. About half of these "lenses" were attached to circular blue liquid circular tubes. They work like a bum and can visually give the passenger a feeling of movement. The circles at the front play the movement horizontally, while the circles on the sides give the vertical movement.

As the motion sickness occurs when the person concerned does not have a visual ratio for the movements of the vehicle in which these glasses should offer exactly what was missing to avoid the unpleasant feeling According to Citroen, Seetroen glasses have been rigorously tested and have had an effect in 95% of cases, and the feeling of harm can disappear after just 10 minutes. Citroen recommends use for people from 10 years of age, because then the inner ear is fully developed.

Despite looking like a pair of plastic glasses, Seetroen is not a cheap product. Citroen asks for 100 Euros for these glasses which are "compatible" with all types of vehicles, from cars to buses, airplanes and trains

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