Gmail could add an option to send messages that "self-destruct" after being read


Unlike spy movies, the mobile phone will not flare up after reading the last message sent using the "confidential mode" option.

Thought for limited-term messages, the "confidential mode" option will allow users to choose a time after which the sent message can no longer be read, printed, or redirected to another email address.

Alternatively, Gmail users will be able to set a password that is required for the recipient when trying to access the message. The password can be sent separately via SMS, or communicated to the recipient by other means

Apparently, there will also be an option for self-destructing messages as soon as they have been read to the recipient.

It is not clear how the "confidential mode" option will work for messages sent to non-Gmail addresses, which probably work with encryption technology requiring software support as well

More details can be found in the coming weeks, with Google planning a wider revision of the Gmail service, including the interface.

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