Gmail gets new interface and extended functionality


Google brings an important revision to Gmail, confirming rumors circulated earlier this month

Along with visual cosmetics, Gmail also gets new features, such as a "confidential" way of sending messages that can only be read by the person to whom they are addressed, a "snooze" function for temporary archiving of messages, a system two-step authentication and offline use

Confidential mode

Thinking of limited-term messages, the "confidential mode" option will allow users to choose the length of time after which the sent message can no longer be read, printed, or redirected to another email address. Alternatively, Gmail users will be able to set a password that is required for the recipient when trying to access the message. The password can be sent separately via SMS, or communicated to the recipient by other means

Integrated rights management (IRM)

Addressed to business users, the new set of features allows you to set permissions for sent messages. For example, we can ban message forwarding to other email addresses, copying text (copy / paste) and printing the message

2 Step Authentication Technology (2FA)

Applicable at the message level, 2FA technology makes it possible to access the email sent by providing a separately received authentication code (eg via SMS), preventing it from being read by others other than to whom it is addressed

Email snoozing

Seamlessly shared with e-mail account management applications, snooze offers options such as archiving / deleting email, marking it as read, or temporarily hiding it (snooze for later) from a single menu.

Nudging of emails

The nudge function is useful for messages that do not require an urgent response, but we do not even want to forget about them completely. Interestingly, message retrieval is automatically decided by Gmail by analyzing specific indicators such as the address from which that message was received and its content

Gmail users who travel to locations without permanent Internet access may appreciate improved offline support

Another welcome feature is the ability to download the documents included in the attachment directly from Inbox without accessing the message you received for reading

By targeting newsletters, the Unsubscribe option will now be displayed in a clearly visible way, giving users the option of dropping subscriptions that are no longer relevant

Other improvements have been brought to the security side, Gmail now using artificial intelligence to detect misleading messages that might attract users into phishing attacks.

As for the visual aspect, perhaps the most important addition is the retractable side panel with access to services such as Google Calendar, Google Keep and the new Google Tasks app launched today in iOS and Android version

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