Good plan: a drawing class of Mangas, Comics and comics at 10.99 € instead of 200 €

                                 Tip: a drawing class of Mangas, Comics and Comics at 10.99 € instead of 200 €



In addition to offering daily news on the world of high-tech and product tests CNET France regularly offers practical topics to carry out concrete tasks. Web users refer to it to discover the computer or technology-related uses and the community of mutual help forums relies on the topics in the context of troubleshooting.

To complete this offer CNET France offers you to cover, in partnership with Udemy, online courses that allow experienced or beginner users to go further in the learning of tools and technologies.

Today we highlight a very complete course of more than 23 hours of video to tame the drawing techniques. The trainer first deals with the fundamentals of classical drawing to explain all that concerns perspectives, shadows etc but also to know how to start a drawing.

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It is then a question of digital drawing and the necessary tools to use. Several examples are treated: creation of an illustration, cartoon, Storyboard, drawing of an angel under photoshop. The cartoon is also addressed at the end of training. The course is for everyone, whether you want to learn the basics of drawing, improve or go digital.

The training is offered at exceptional price for a few days: 10.99 euros instead of 200 euros . The offer is valid as part of a promotional period which ends on January 11 next. Click on the link below to benefit

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