Google adds support for Morse code in Gboard keyboard

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IPhone users will now be able to use the Gboard keypad and communicate in Morse code

Especially for people with disabilities, the new feature on the Gboard keyboard is designed to facilitate non-verbal communication for people who do not have the necessary dexterity to use a conventional keypad effectively

The Morse Code is a simplified communication system, invented at the beginning of the remote communications era, when telegraph lines and radio equipment did not allow voice communications to be made at an acceptable level of quality. At present, the Morse code continues to be used mainly by radio amateurs as an alternative means of non-verbal communication

The system is also particularly useful for people with reduced mobility who can use the Gboard keyboard to form words and sentences based on the impulses given in the Morse code. At the same time, the same Google predictive text technologies available with the QWERTY version of the Gboard keyboard can be used to select the next word and fill the text entered more quickly by Morse code

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In addition to the iOS version, the Android edition of the Gboard keyboard can also be used with external activation devices when direct use of the Morse code interface rendered on the touch screen is not possible </p>
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