Google announces completion of HTC partial purchase formalities


Bundled with a team of more than 4,000 employees involved in the development of HTC Pixel and Pixel XL series, Google also acquired licenses for HTC proprietary smartphone technologies

The negotiated $ 1.1 billion deal does not exclude HTC's ability to produce and launch other mobile devices under its own brand. At the same time, product activity for VR, AR, and IoT applications will not be disturbed. Incidentally, the Vive accessories range is currently the most profitable for HTC

Strategically important for Google, HTC's research division is Google's largest design center in the Asia-Pacific region, consolidating its position as a smartphone manufacturer.

Following the agreement that looks more advantageous than the one signed between Microsoft and Finnish Nokia, the HTC brand will continue to exist in both VR and smartphone, with Taiwan holding half of its initial staff and access to its entire portfolio technologies developed so far

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