Google Assistant arrives on the Freebox Mini 4K



                                                     Google Assistant arrives on the Freebox Mini 4K


The Freebox Mini 4K is about to go under Android Nougat 7.1 and as good news never comes alone, our colleagues from the site FreeNews found that version 5 of the beta (which is available for members of the test program) has Google Assistant. The voice assistant is accessible from the microphone of the remote control with the now famous "OK Google". It works the same way as on a smartphone or connected speaker. Incidentally, this new beta corrects some bugs and is much more stable.

Free and Bouygues elbow

With this major update, Free wants to keep a length of ahead of the competition. Indeed, Bouygues is about to release a new Bbox Miami with the support of 4K and which would also run Android Nougat. According to the Cablereview website, test templates have already been sent to some users.

Recall that 2018 should also be the launch year of the new Freebox version 7. It could integrate a multiroom audio and video system. Its operation would be close to the "Sonos" system. It would be compatible with different streaming services like Spotify or Deezer.



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