Google attacks with Wear OS

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Google says that the change of name from Android Wear to Wear OS “is our technology, our vision and especially the people who wear our watches “Better Reflects” .

Google notes in his blog post on the topic that a third of Android Wear users use an iPhone last year. And here Google wants to start. If it succeeds to build up this share and to cheat Apple, by the user not an Apple Watch connect to the iPhone but an Android Wear device, that would be a great success.

Android Wear 2.0 was released over a year ago and received a lot of criticism. Even five months later, many Android Wear watches still did not receive the 2.0 upgrade. This also happens in a beautiful tradition with Android smartphones and tablets.

The wide variety of smartwatches available for Google’s platform is particularly interesting for iPhone users. While the Apple Watch has the flexibility to easily exchange tapes, there is only one hardware design in a handful of different designs.

In any case, Google has a lot of catching up to do. Apple leads the wearable market, but of course it’s not unbeatable. The also knows the second most popular provider Fitbit, which in turn tries with new hardware to reach sports enthusiasts.

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