Despite the fact that Google has bought the British company Redux since last summer, we are only now hearing about this event. It looks like the acquisition took place just before taking HTC's Pixel division and the technology it develops is at least interesting, and it can offer Pixel 3 models a big advantage over competition and some more special features on the response side haptic.

Redux has not released any products on the market, but has gone to various technology fairs where he presented his audio technology. It uses screen vibrations to ensure sound reproduction on a device, something that does not look very different to LG technology that does something similar to OLED panels

It is unclear what changes the implementation of Redux technology involves in setting up a display for smartphones, but removing traditional speakers would provide a more compact design with even thinner edges than before (Google Pixel 2 XL has stereo speakers positioned above and below Display).

Last but not least, the advanced vibration system that can produce sound can also be used for haptic response from the screen. So, the touches can simulate the manipulation of some physical buttons in a way not different from Taptic Engine on the iPhone, something that no other Android device has ever been able to emulate

Given that Google bought Redux before the Pixel 2 ad, it is likely that this technology will appear in the new 2018 models, but we would wonder if it would be a year later, by 2019.

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