Google can not force smartphone manufacturers to set Chrome and Google Search as default apps on devices

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Also in favor of European buyers, Google requires Android phone makers to meet certain minimum requirements for marketed devices to get access to the Google Play Store and the ability to install apps from this official source


On the one hand, the existence of minimum software package requirements prevents OEM (especially Asian) manufacturers from altering the Android experience too much. Other limitations, however, clearly serve the interests of the Android developer to keep users of Android captives in the Google services ecosystem. Of these, the Google Search engine and the Chrome browser are perhaps the most profitable, setting them as the default choices on Android devices, giving them a significant advantage over any competing service

Considered abuse of a dominant position, this practice has been banned by European authorities, which will oblige Google to give users the choice of which web browser or search service they want to use. A similar measure to Microsoft's prohibition for many years does not stop Google from delivering Chrome and Google Search as preinstalled apps

Ironically, the intention to give equal opportunities to competition could be exploited by less-favored OEMs to force the use of their own web search and browsing solutions, clothed with adware and other hidden features, by various means

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