Google Chrome adds support for exporting saved and iOS versions


Already available in the Android and PC version, the option to save passwords in a separate file is now available in the iOS Chrome Edition

One of the most useful features in the Chrome browser is the one that allows you to auto-populate previously saved user names with associated passwords.

For regular users to call each time authentication data is entered automatically, even temporarily using a device that is not authenticated in the Google account associated with those passwords may be problematic. Of course, this flaw can be resolved in a smart way by configuring your Google account directly into your Chrome browser. But for situations where we want to export the password collection to another Google account, or just keep a backup of them on an external storage device, the new option to export the password collection can be extremely useful.

Starting with Chrome 66, iPhone phone users only need to confirm their identity using the Touch ID or Face ID, after which they can export the saved passwords to a .CSV file that they can send as a message attachment, or Store on external media

It should be known that the resulting file is not protected, anyone can get access to the saved passwords by uploading the file to the browser. Thus, it is important that the exported file is kept in a safe location, its stealing amounting to compromising all previously saved user accounts

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