Google Chrome gets extended compatibility with Windows 10


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Google Chrome will now be able to upgrade Chrome for Windows 10 with support for the new features of the Creators Update version released by Microsoft this spring. display notification messages using native support provided by Windows 10. Alerts issued through Windows 10 Action Center appear in the sidebar displayed to the right of the screen, along with the usual messages from other applications that use this feature. For more visibility, the initial alert is signaled with a pop-up message, visible for a short time in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Unlike alerts issued directly from the application window, even if the browser is closed and remains visible for a long time.

The new notification system is introduced starting with Chrome version 68 for approximately 50% of users, and functionality will be available to most users in the coming days

Those who are not sure of this feature can check if the support for the new Action Center in Windows 10 was enabled by visiting the hidden menu chrome: // flags where the "native notifications "Should be set to enabled.

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