After Chrome 68 has made improvements especially to the security side, version 69 will address issues related to recent generation smartphone compatibility.

At the beta testing stage, the new Chrome version for mobile contains more optimizations for top-of-the-box screens such as iPhone X and the many Android models that have taken over this design element.

Once Upgraded to version 69, Google Chrome can also use the free space around the "bang", thus increasing the useful display area

Chrome 69 can also work as a media player for devices running Android Go, the "light "Of the Android operating system optimized for low-cost devices with 1GB or less RAM. Since some of these devices are not even delivered with Media Player, the inclusion of these features in the Chrome browser is welcome

Another novelty is the introduction of an improved Download Manager with a search function and option to sort out the downloaded file list. Additionally, the new Chrome version will bring the Picture-in-Picture functionality, much promised to users of Windows and Mac PCs. This way, we can extract the image from video clips and opt for display in a floating window that can be moved anywhere on the screen. The clip played using Picture-in-Picture mode will remain visible even when navigating other sites.

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