Google Chrome Receives A New Function That Increases Security And RAM Consumption

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The good news is that Google Chrome is virtually immune to side-channel computer attacks, the category featuring the feared Spectre and Meldown exploits. The downside is that performance is slightly lower, and RAM usage is noticeable

Already known for being able to "devour" impressive amounts of RAM, directly proportional to the number of open tabs, Google Chrome is even more aggressive in this regard. Called Site Iosolation, a new security feature available from Chrome 68 puts each tab and associated process in separate RAM partitions, making it impossible to use an infected script or extension to intercept sensitive Chrome-managed data

According to Google, activating the Isolation Site feature will increase your RAM usage by 10% -13% above the current level. This compromise results from the fact that some system processes, which currently handle one or more open pages, will need to be duplicated for each tab and popup window. Operating mode puts some pressure on the system processor, which will have more to do with the ongoing Chrome processes

Google "threatens" and other additional security checks to be implemented in the near future, such as security measures to detect compromise of one of the security systems present in the browser

Site Isolation will also be available in Chrome 68 for Android devices, but at the experimental stage it can be enabled by selecting the option with the same name in about: // flags .

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