Google Chrome will allow you to export all your saved passwords into an easy-to-use file

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One of the most useful features in the Chrome browser is the one that allows you to auto-populate previously saved user names with associated passwords.

Not everyday, ordinary users always turn to the automatic input of authentication data to forget their passwords and even their usernames, and the password-saved password collection becomes even more precious. For them, even temporarily using a PC that has not been authenticated in the Google account to which the passwords are attached may be problematic. Of course, this flaw can be resolved in a smart way by configuring your Google account directly into your Chrome browser. But for situations where we want to export the password collection to another Google account, or simply keep a backup of them on an external storage device, the new option to export the password collection can be extremely useful.

At this time, the option to export the password collection to a file is at the experimental stage, but will be enabled for all users in one of the upcoming Google Chrome updates.

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