Google Chrome will mark all sites visited via unsecured HTTP connections as insecure


Although it is not required, the practice of securing websites with encrypted HTTPS connections is becoming more attractive in the eyes of webmasters, neglecting this aspect may damage the reputation and decrease the number of visitors

Until now, alerts on using an insecure connection only appeared for pages that allow visitors to enter information, and soon the entire site will be marked as insecure. For information purposes, however, the markup may have a discouraging effect on visitors, some of whom are able to associate insecure sites with the danger of cyber attacks, avoiding their use

Currently, approximately 68% of traffic with Google Chrome for Android and Windows passes through secure connections. Proportion rises to over 78% for Chrome OS and MacOS

The change will take place starting with Chrome version 68, ready for launch in July 2018.

Meanwhile, Google provides webmasters with an installation guide and detailed explanation of the importance of using encryption technologies to secure connections with visitors' devices

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