Google closes and proposes a more "friendly" mobile platform


Google never stops shutting down services that are technologically outdated or do not enjoy the desired success. gave those who needed short links or an alternative way to monitor clicks a simple and effective solution, but it will only be available until next year. The company announced that will close on March 30, 2019, to be replaced with Firebase Dynamic Links, a more modern technology that is especially useful for software developers and integrated in mobile platform operating mode is about to be disabled for those who have been using the service without a signed Google account and for new users since April 13th. Those who used the service before this date or who already had an older Google active account will still be able to use until March 30, 2019 without any limitations. Of course, those who need the data they recorded in will be able to download their entire profile by the closing date

Firebase Dynamic Links is the new technology Google will use to provide links. It benefits from compatibility with mobile apps for iOS and Android, a browser link that can bring the user into the app in a specific section without having to manually navigate menus. Unfortunately for users, current profile data is not compatible with Firebase, so the two services will not benefit from continuity

Given that Google is becoming a "mobile first" search engine, mobile optimization has recently been very important for SEO, it is no wonder that services primarily used on the desktop are eliminated and replaced with more "friendly" alternatives to platforms mobile.

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