Google could enter video ads in Play Store

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An essential application on any Android-powered smartphone, the Play Store may introduce the display of video ads used to promote applications you might be interested in.

Currently, at the testing stage, video ads may appear in the search results lists, or when we want to visit the page of an application that we are interested in. According to images provided by Google to illustrate the new promotion mode, video ads will not play in autoplay mode for the moment

For comparison, Apple allows developers to pay to increase app visibility in the App Store, bringing them to the top of the user search results list, but it does not offer the option for video promotion. The decision taken is not accidental, with video ads being generally disgraced by users.

Perhaps reserved for the games section, Google is also experimenting with interactive video ads, with different follow-ups based on user choices. They could also use it as a way of promoting applications, for example, motivating users to watch them voluntarily to get various rewards in the game.

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