Google could launch a new Android TV dongle by offering advanced Smart TV features and 4K video content support

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With an exterior design very similar to the Chromecast accessory, the new device has a slightly different Google logo and comes with a small remote. According to speculation, the gadget passed on to the US Electronic Certification Authority (FCC) is actually a rival to Apple TV and Fire TV platforms

The device made for Google by Shenzhen SEI Robotics Co. is provided with support for voice command and access to Google Assistant. In addition, using the Android platform guarantees access to a wide range of apps in the Google Play store

Just like the Chromecast accessory, the new device just needs to be connected to the HDMI port of the TV, allowing users to watch YouTube and Netflix video streams up to 4K resolution. The gadget could also provide video chat support using the compatible TV's webcam. Instead of the newest USB-C, Google seems to have opted for the old microUSB standard, supported by most current-generation TVs

Unfortunately, without confirmation from Google, it's hard to say if the Android based device is even an official Google accessory, or just one of the many Chromecast imitations imported from the Asian markets

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